Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shakespearean sonnets: Creme egg style

It would seem that all I ever post about anymore is the delightful creme egg. One of these days Cadbury will send me that gift basket I've been dreaming about. Until then:

Sonnet #1 - "Dust"

In a world plagued with fear, malice and discontent,
Suffering may seem the dominant state,
As the condition in which a body’s life is spent.
Nothing more than a shell sealing its fate,
Nor fighting against loneliness as its mate,
Human carcasses bound in the illusion,
That this moment is naught but confusion.

The only escape from the shackles of time,
The only way out from what clouds our vision,
Is to see each experience in itself as divine,
To feel joy in the now must be one’s decision,
To see art in mundane, random chance, collision,
Each animal and plant living on the earth’s crust,
Comes from one source, the exact same dust.

As we all are connected to ev’ry grain of sand,
Ev’ry bird, ev’ry fish, and on ev’ry planet each swell,
And to this choc’late egg in the palm of my hand,
Its composition the same as my body’s smallest cell,
No telling ‘tween us at the atomic level,
A cosmos within its sweet choc’late case,
As vast as existence, unknown as deep space,

To souls on a world in that crème dulcet ellipse,
My mouth gaped as dark as a black hole,
Treach’rous as our blue planet’s deepest oceans’ abyss,
The end inevitable and quite out of their control,
The hand of time stopp’d to collect its ultimate toll,
At that moment the taste, the sheer joy stopped my breath,
Now became forever and cut into the dance of death.

My body contained the egg, which in turn contained a universe,
In each universe countless eggs hatched and eaten,
Everything the exact same dust, not a thing better or worse,
Each instant a choice to despair or to sweeten,
Perspective joins all as one, our demise therefore beaten,
This revelation is the circular nature of life explained,
Manifested as an egg in my mouth, enlightenment attained.