Saturday, March 05, 2011


What is the folly of youth?

There comes a stage in a young person’s life where he becomes convinced that he knows and understands everything. Life appears in black and white as concepts like morality, right versus wrong, are very clear. It is easy to cast judgment upon others while oozing a sort of smug superiority. Some never venture beyond this surety (clinging to the warmth and comfort) to consider a broader perspective. Others start to loosen their grasp. When they do, humanity and all of its unifying energy may then filter in through their fingers.

More, give me more, give me more

Day one, impossibly condensed

A tiny ellipse, ripe with matter

The center of all, and all at the center

Creamy yolk of sweet egg, ready to birth

On day two, expansion to white
Milky, opaque, binding

Day three, a shell forms

Theobroma cacao lends meat

From deep jungles where pyramids connect ancient man to the stars

So does this tree bind us to the beginning of time

And the fourth day quivers and shakes and ejaculates into chaos

More, there is more, there is more

Zooming outward, visions blur

A chocolate mountain spews white and golden lava

Ancient crustaceans behead chickens with eggs in utero

Armadillos with little armored hearts wrung in the exquisite agony of love

Dark and light marble as stars trade places

Idols wrapped in colored foil accept consciousness as sacrifice

And zombies starve

As it was the light, not the flesh that sated their hunger

More, what is more, what is more

From the periphery through a wide-angle lens, perfect order dissolves

bluegreen bruises and browns

Lights extinguish and relinquish their pull

Arcs turn to tangents and earthly residents are catapulted abroad

Into the freedom of the vacuum, where crusts crack and expose nectarous centers

Sight is restored to those wanting more, just before…

No more, no more, no more


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