Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Midwinter Night's Dream

Last night, a vision came to me
Of choc’late sweet confection’ry,
Of swirling colors, purple, red,
Golden yellow, splash’d through my head.

Through fields of green t’were rabbits hopping,
Candies from their bottoms plopping,
Clucking from their mouths did come,
To beats played on a bongo drum.

Though not a rabbit-hole in sight,
Nor any of the rabbits white,
Still, I felt compelled to follow,
Perhaps to treasure hid in hollow.

I tiptoed quietly so’s not to scare,
The timid, frightful little hare,
To a clearing in forest deep,
At bottom of an incline steep.

My mouth dropped open, what a sight,
Oh joy within my soul ignite!
Better than the fabled youth’s fountain,
I’d been lead to a chocolate mountain.

Inhibition nowhere found,
Into the clearing I did bound,
My naked body poised and ready,
The thought alone had got me heady.

My arms tossed back as if to fly,
I jumped and arched into the sky,
And as my flight began descent,
Into the mound, by body went.

At the pivotal point I gaped,
My mouth wide open, no drop escaped,
Of chocolate filled with heaven’s milk,
Flavour divine and texture silk.

I woke, the taste still on my tongue,
And joyful noise, issued from my lung,
From winter’s prison, finally sprung,
Eggs to delight both old and young.

Now get out there and eat those creme eggs! Happy Chocolate!


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